July 14, 2024

Google is reportedly planning to better integrate Google Photos on ChromeOS in order to offer a better media editor by adding a convenience feature. The integration will help ChromeOS users perform more advanced edits with the new addition of Google Photos. Earlier, users had to manually open Google Photos and look for media files they wished to edit. Now, the new option in the editor area is expected to allow users to open a selected image or video in the full-featured Android version of Google Photos.

According to a report from 9To5Google, the technology giant, Google is planning to add handy features to Google Photos to make a better editor available on ChromeOS. The said integration of Google Photos to make an editor with more features is aimed at allowing users to perform more advanced edits on images and videos.

The new option in the editor area of the current Gallery application will reportedly allow users to open a selected image or video in the fully-featured Android version of the Google Photos application. From there, users can access the advanced editing features of the app including, white point, black point, skin tone, and vignette.

The said features were accessible on Chromebooks earlier as well, but now users will have the option to directly open the selected media files on Google Photos and edit them. Earlier, users had to manually open Google Photos and find the media file they wish to edit. Hence, this makes the minor new addition a convenience feature. This feature will also users to make choices between the two editors, they can opt for the Gallery app editor for minor edits and the Google Photos app for advanced edits.

Apart from this, recently Google was also planning to take a stronger approach to tackle the spam notifications on its web browser, Google Chrome, according to a recent report. It is expected that a new code change will allow Google to block a website from sending spam notifications.