June 24, 2024
Kyndryl and Nvidia team to enable and accelerate enterprise generative AI adoption
Kyndryl and Nvidia join forces to empower businesses with the tools and expertise to develop and deploy successful generative AI projects.

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IT infrastructure provider Kyndryl has partnered with Nvidia to help business leaders better implement AI-powered projects. Though C-suite executives embrace generative AI, uncertainty remains about capitalizing on the technology. This collaboration provides organizations with the capabilities to expedite development and ensure its usefulness in a real-life setting.

This is Kyndryl’s first working agreement with Nvidia, but the company is no stranger to tying its services to AI and cloud infrastructure. In February, it announced a similar partnership with Google Cloud, embedding its technology with Google’s Cortex Framework and Gemini.

Businesses running Nvidia’s accelerated computing and software platform can now leverage Kyndryl Bridge, a business platform offering data-driven insights and expertise to help manage IT projects, and Kyndryl Consult, a testing and deployment service for gen AI apps. Kyndryl’s customers can tap into Nvidia’s NeMo platform for large language models and its NIM inference microservice, an important piece for enterprise companies wanting to use Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) for their data.

“As generative AI can scale productivity and insight for companies across industries, many organizations are seeking experts to help them quickly integrate AI applications into their operations,” John Fanelli, Nvidia’s vice president of enterprise software, said in a statement. “Kyndryl’s solutions and expertise in integrating full-stack Nvidia AI can help customers rapidly establish and scale their AI strategies.”

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Speed and expertise are perhaps two factors that contribute to an organization’s failure to commercialize gen AI projects. Leaders see their employees using AI at work but struggle to use it to boost their business. Giovanni Carraro, Kyndryl’s senior vice president of global strategic alliances, tells VentureBeat his company’s partnership with Nvidia provides “the know-how, expertise and innovative services to build the AI framework that customers can rely on throughout their AI journey.”

In short, Kyndryl gives Nvidia’s customers the tools to test and deploy AI projects to ensure tangible business outcomes, while Nvidia provides Kyndryl’s customers with AI hardware and software.

“By combining NVIDIA’s generative AI software with Kyndryl’s capabilities, we’re uniquely prepared to help address and resolve the biggest pain points for customers seeking to integrate AI across their hybrid IT estates,” Hidayatullah Shaikh, Kyndryl’s vice president of software engineering for Kyndryl Bridge, remarked.