May 27, 2024

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5: Tropical Vision has been announced with the first-ever female-led cast for Battle Pass and the new theme of “Lawless Jungles”. The new season also brings a new map, new themed event, and a new multiplayer mode. It also retains the earlier debuted Tournament Mode. The new season of Call of Duty: Mobile will go live in the first week of June in India. The game will also get a user interface update with new backgrounds and a face-lift for the in-game store.

The developers of Call of Duty: Mobile had announced the new season through a blog post. Season 5 of the game will go live in India on June 2 at 5:30am for both Android and iOS players.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5: Tropical Vision brings a map from the console and PC game Cold of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The new multiplayer map called Apocalypse is set in jungles of Laos. It is a small-to-medium sized map designed for fights in forests and temples.

The Tropical Vision Battle Pass features, for the first time, a female-led cast. It also includes free and premium items like new operators, a new functional weapon, weapon blueprints, calling cards, charms, and COD Points (CP).

The new season also includes a new multiplayer game mode called Guns Blazing Encore. The new mode in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5 allows eight players to play free-for-all. In this mode, after each elimination, players will generate Fury. Once it is full, Fury will transform into a super soldier with the capability of shooting a barrage of rounds into enemies. The mode will be available from June 3 till June 9. The Tournament Mode that was recently added in Call of Duty: Mobile has been retained for Season 5 as well.

The Battle Pass free tiers offers Echo – Tiki Troops shotgun at Tier 26, Oden Assault Rifle at Tier 21, and Echo Grenade at Tier 50 in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5. The premium tiers will offer a chance to players to earn all of the content available in the Tropical Vision stream.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5: Tropical Vision also introduces user interface update. The multiplayer lobby is getting a new background as well. The visibility of the Clan Wars main lobby is also being enhanced. The in-game store is being face-lifted with updated user interface for crates and bundles along with the introduction of animated backgrounds for Legendary Operators.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4: Wild Dogs was announced with the desert theme on April 22.