May 27, 2024

Gotham Knights will not be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with developer Warner Bros. Games Montréal making the announcement in a new gameplay trailer that highlights Red Hood and Nightwing. WB Games Montréal previously worked on Batman: Arkham Origins. Gotham Knights is set in an alternate timeline where Batman/ Bruce Wayne has been apparently killed. In the Gotham Knights trailer, the developer briefly mentioned that the game will not be arriving on last-gen consoles “to provide players with the best possible gameplay experience.”

When it was originally announced back in 2020, Gotham Knights was set to arrive in 2021 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X. WB Games Montréal then pushed its release ahead in March last year. Gotham Knights is now slated to arrive this year on October 25 for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S/X.

The 13-minute Gotham Knights gameplay trailer features new footage with Red Hood and Nightwing in co-op and single-player action, providing an extended look at their abilities and distinct fighting styles. It showcases how both the characters individually traverse Gotham City, along with a sweet chase sequence on the Bat Cycle. The Gotham Knights trailer also offers a glimpse at the RPG elements of the game, including blueprints, and crafting materials for customising a loadout. Notably, after being apparently criticised for the game’s previously showcased interface, the developer has now specifically mentioned that players can completely customise the UI.

Featuring four members of the Bat Family — Robin, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Nightwing — Gotham Knights can be played solo or with a friend in a two-player co-op. There is no four-player co-op unfortunately. Gotham Knights will pit you against the Court of Owls, among other antagonists from the coterie of Batman villains, including Mr. Freeze and the Penguin.

Gotham Knights is out October 25 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X.