May 27, 2024

Electronic Arts (EA) has teased four new games that it is planning to launch in the fourth quarter of financial year 2022 (Q4 FY 2022), as per its latest quarterly earnings report. That means all four titles will be available in early 2023. These games include a “major IP”, a partner title, a remake, and a sports title. The video game publisher also revealed that it will launch F1 22, FIFA, Madden NFL, Need For Speed, and NHL this year. The news comes as EA announced it is parting ways with world football governing body FIFA, ending their near three-decade partnership to make FIFA games.

IGN was among the first to report that EA gave its investors a sneak peek at what they have in mind for 2023. At the publisher’s quarterly earnings report, it was revealed that EA is planning to launch four games in the Q4 FY 2022, which runs from January 1, 2023 to March 31, 2023. Furthermore, IGN cites a footnote which says all four games have not yet been publicly disclosed.

The report rules out the remake of Dead Space because Dead Space was announced last year. For the “major IP”, EA might be referring to the next Dragon Age or Mass Effect game because there has not been any official announcement on them. The IGN report also mentions “New Studios” in the Seattle area that are working on an “unannounced open world action adventure game,” which fits the “unannounced major IP” description.

As far as the rest of the games are concerned, the sports game could be EA Sports College Football. There is no solid information available on the fourth game which fits EA’s “partner title” description.

What’s known for now is that EA will launch F1 22 in Q1 FY 2022, FIFA 23 and Madden NFL 23 in Q2 FY 2022, the next Need for Speed and NHL 23 in Q3 FY 2022, and the PGA Tour revival in Q4 FY 2022, along with four unannounced titles.

On Tuesday, EA also announced that its partnership with FIFA has ended and FIFA 23 will be the last FIFA-branded video game from EA Sports. The football game will be called EA Sports FC from next year.