July 14, 2024

1.1K My Bluetti AC70

This Bluetti AC70 review is not a review based on short-term use. It’s based on extended use in different situations. Ive learned the importance of being prepared for any situation. Whether it’s a power outage during a fierce Nor’easter or a week-long camping trip in the remote woods, having a reliable power source can make all the difference. Why Every Prepper Needs a Portable Power Station

In prepping, redundancy is everything. Two is one and one is none. We prepare for the unexpected, ensuring we have multiple ways to meet our basic needs. A portable power station like the Bluetti AC70 is a tool that can keep your essential electronics running during a crisis. From charging your communication devices to powering medical equipment, the uses are endless. Moreover, in the modern world where we rely heavily on technology, having a backup power source is not just a convenience but a necessity.

I found this out firsthand more than once. I used a portable power station during power outages before buying a generator to run the home. After storms came through and I did not need the power station, I would lend it out to friends to use to keep essential electronics running. Perhaps the best advantages to a power station like the ones Bluetti, and other manufacturers offer, as compared to a gas-powered generator, is that you can use them inside your home. There are not carbon monoxide emissions. Portable generator carbon monoxide poisonings are known to spike after power outages. Portable power stations, on the other hand, are safe to use in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Real-World Use: Camping with the Bluetti AC70

Beyond just powering your cellphone after a hurricane or charging headlamps after a winter storm, you don’t have to wait for a crisis to put the Bluetti AC70 to use. For example, I went on a recent camping trip with my daughter. We ventured deep into the forests of Maine, a place where you have to drive to certain clearings or mountaintops to get a cell signal, zero power lines exist, and the stars shine brighter than anywhere else. This trip was the perfect opportunity to test the Bluetti AC70’s capabilities. ??

The first night, after setting up our tent and gathering around the campfire, we decided to watch one of the movies I had downloaded to my laptop in advance. Out came the Bluetti AC70. Despite being compact and lightweight, it packed enough power to run the laptop and the external speaker I connected via Bluetooth. The power station performed flawlessly, with plenty of juice left for the next day. Throughout our trip, the AC70 proved indispensable. It charged our phones and GPS devices. The multiple ports, including USB and AC outlets, meant we could charge several devices simultaneously without any hassle.

I also use it for extended road trips with the kids, as I have done with my Bluetti EB3A. There are not enough ports in the vehicle to charge all of the devices kids use on long road trips, so putting the AC70 into the back with them kept them from arguing over whose turn it was to charge which device. Historical Context: When Power Stations Prove Their Worth

To truly appreciate the value of a portable power station like the Bluetti AC70, let’s take a look at some historical examples where having such a device would have been incredibly beneficial. The 2003 Northeast Blackout: This massive power outage affected 55 million people across the northeastern United States and Ontario, Canada. For up to two days, people were without power, dealing with sweltering summer heat and no access to basic amenities. A portable power station would have provided crucial relief, keeping fans running, charging communication devices, and even powering small refrigerators to prevent food spoilage. Hurricane Sandy (2012): When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, it left millions without power, some for weeks. During such extended outages, having a portable power station would have been a game-changer, offering a way to stay connected, keep essential devices operational, and provide a sense of normalcy amidst chaos. California Wildfires (2020): The rampant wildfires led to widespread power outages as utilities preemptively shut down power to prevent further fires. Residents in affected areas could have greatly benefited from a portable power station to maintain power for crucial devices and stay informed through radio or internet. Portability and Power: The Perfect Balance

One of my favorite features of the Bluetti AC70 is its balance of power and portability. Weighing in at just under 20 pounds, its not the lightest power station on the market, but its certainly manageable for its capacity – and MUCH lighter than other units offering similar power. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry, whether youre hauling it from your car to your campsite or moving it around the house during a blackout.

Despite its compact size, the AC70 boasts a 716Wh battery, providing enough power to keep your essential devices running for hours, if not days, depending on usage. During our camping trip, it ran a variety of devices without a hitch, and the battery life exceeded my expectations.

I’ve also used by EB3A camping, and for road trips, but I feel that the AC70 is superior for both. See the picture below for comparison. Bluetti AC70 (left) versus the Bluetti EB3A (right).

The EB3A is exceptionally small, which is nice, but it lacks the power of the AC70. Also note the number of features on the front of the unit. Where the EB3A face is almost entirely covered in ports and features, the AC70 looks more simple. The extra size that the AC70 has over the EB3A is made up in power. Versatility in Survival Scenarios

In a survival situation, versatility is crucial. The Bluetti AC70 shines in this regard. Here are a few scenarios where this power station can be a lifesaver: Power Outages: When the power goes out, having a reliable backup can keep your lights on, your fridge running, and your communication devices charged. The AC70s robust battery ensures you wont be left in the dark. Natural Disasters: In the aftermath of a storm or earthquake, access to power can be limited. The AC70 can be charged via solar panels, providing a renewable energy source when the grid is down. Off-Grid Living: For those embracing a self-sufficient lifestyle, the AC70 offers a portable and efficient power solution. Its perfect for cabins, RVs, or even as a secondary power source for your homestead. Outdoor Adventures: Whether youre camping, hiking, or on a road trip, the AC70 ensures you have power wherever you go. Its rugged enough to handle the outdoors and reliable enough to keep your devices charged. Emergency Medical Use: For individuals who rely on medical devices such as CPAP machines or portable oxygen concentrators, having a reliable power source is critical. The AC70 can provide peace of mind, ensuring these life-saving devices remain operational during power outages. Bluetti AC70 Detailed Specifications SpecificationDetailsBattery Capacity716WhWeight19.4 lbs (8.8 kg)Dimensions12.6 x 8.5 x 8.7 inchesOutput Ports2 x AC (110V), 4 x USB-A, 1 x USB-C, 1 x 12V Car PortInput PortsDC 12-30V (100W Max)Charge Time6-7 Hours (Wall Charger), 8-10 Hours (Car Charger), 4-5 Hours (Solar Panel, 200W)InverterPure Sine Wave, 500W (700W Surge)Lifespan2500+ Charge CyclesOperating Temperature-10C to 40C (14F to 104F)

The other advantage to the Bluetti AC70 – and this is a big one – is that you can add solar panels to it and you can add it to other Bluetti products to expand its ability. I appreciate this aspect because you can start small and expand as needs and money allow. Extended Use and Maintenance

The Bluetti AC70 isnt just for emergencies or short trips; its a long-term investment in your preparedness strategy. Here are a few tips on how to maximize its lifespan and efficiency: Regular Use: Even if you dont experience frequent power outages, using your power station regularly an keep the battery in good condition. Make it a part of your routine to charge your devices with it at home or take it on outings. Proper Storage: Store the AC70 in a cool, dry place when not in use. Extreme temperatures can affect the batterys lifespan and performance. Avoid leaving it in a hot car or exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. Maintenance Checks: Periodically check the ports and connections to ensure they are clean and free of debris. This helps maintain efficient power transfer and prevents potential damage. Solar Charging: Investing in a compatible solar panel can enhance the utility of your AC70. Solar charging not only provides a renewable power source but also extends the devices independence from the grid. Software Updates: If applicable, keep the firmware of your power station updated. Manufacturers often release updates that can improve performance and add new features. What I Do Not Like

I always try to find some aspect of products that I do not like to write an honest review. Honestly, there is little not to like on this unit. That said, Bluetti has a strong brand reputation. It’s a well-known name within the prepper world. For that reason, or maybe it’s just because of the quality of their units, the costs are probably high for many people.

As of this writing, the Bluetti AC70 is selling for around $450. That is certainly not an inexpensive machine, and for the prepper, the expense has to compete with other prepping priorities like food and water storage. Bluetti AC70 Review Final Thoughts

The Bluetti AC70 Power Station is a great addition to any preppers set of power supplies. Its balance of portability, power, and versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re preparing for the next big storm, living off the grid, or just want a reliable power source for your outdoor adventures, the AC70 wont let you down.

During my time in the remote woods of Maine with my daughter, the Bluetti AC70 proved to be more than just a power station; it was a gateway to comfort and convenience in the wilderness. Its these momentswatching movies under the stars, ensuring our devices are charged, and keeping our food freshthat highlight the importance of having a reliable portable power source.

Ive tested many products, but the Bluetti AC70 stands out for its performance, reliability, and ease of use. If youre serious about preparedness, this is one piece of equipment you shouldnt overlook.