April 24, 2024

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Shares of publicly listed firms such asSuper Micro Computerand Nvidiahave sparked investment discussions on social media platforms. While many seemingly joke about market volatility, others, with a more earnest approach, seek to learn.

Navigating through the noiseis challenging. That's where StockTwits comes in.

Established in 2009 following the Global Financial Crisis, StockTwits spent over a decade changing online financial discourse, introducing the cashtag later adopted by X (formerly known as Twitter), and the ability to buy and sell stocks. Shiv Sharma, the companys Singapore-based president and general manager, saidthe platform is a preferred destination for millions ofinvestors.

Finance is so segregated, he explained, highlighting the considerable lack of cross-niching in investing. Howard Lindzon, StockTwits co-founder and CEO, introduced me to breaking all the myths. Howard calls people who tell him about software, mining, and oil. Hes not an expert in those areas, but hes an expert in some areas like fintech. Building that network and how you understand macro from people who know macro and tie it all to a thesis is the power of community.

Following a successful career in finance and technology, working at Fidelity, Cisco Systemsand Amazon,Sharma joined Lindzon to expand StockTwits into new markets such as India.

Reflecting on the past, Sharma noted StockTwits was an easier sell early on.

You need people talking, he explained. The Howard Lindzon playbook in the StockTwits olden days was to build the hottest social network.

Fast forward 15 years, StockTwits has evolved into a fusion of media, dataand fintech. Sharmas mission succeeded, setting the stage for reinvention elsewhere.

The last wave of fintech was giving access and a low-cost cool UI/UX, Sharma said. The next wave of fintech is giving and improving returns. And that's hard. How do you do that? Content and community. Mentorship. Everyone needs to have what Howard Lindzon has: a macro guy, an oil guy, a tech guy. Everyone needs their thesis and own investing style.

Reshaping Stocktwits: Partnership With Context Analytics

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At the heart of Stocktwits' next-wave strategy lies its collaboration with Context Analytics, transforming it into a central hub for sentiment analysis. This partnership marks the first step of a broader data ecosystem play. With their APIs now accessible, Stocktwits extends an invitation to hundreds of data analytics firms, investment firms, retail investors, fintechs, and startups, encouraging them to harness their data for crafting innovative tools and generating additional alpha.

We work with Context Analytics to resell our data to institutions and hedge funds, Sharma said on Stocktwits' monetization strategy spanning the B2B and B2C realms.

We want to be the internet home page for all things retail sentiment.

While X continues to focus on broader markets, StockTwits goes deeper, employing natural language processing to analyze conversations and overlay sentiment analysis onto stock prices. These features are particularly beneficial for data scientists and active traders aiming to develop models and identify such things as the next meme stock before they gain widespread attention.

We want to return to the roots of social and be the world's largest pure-play social media platform for investors, Sharma said. That is our DNA.

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