March 5, 2024

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MX Technologies, the fintech known for automating money experiences,announced the launch of Customer Analytics, which can help financial services providers with enhanced transaction data and insights to reduce costs and boost engagement.

MX describedthe launch as a game changer, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, enabling organizations to harness the power of data and providing a single source of actionable financial intelligence to meet better customers where they are.

The comprehensive toolkit, MX explained, is most helpful in increasing deposits, enhancing customer engagementand achieving a higher return on investment for marketing spend and campaigns.

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Shayli Lones, vice-presidentof marketing at MX, highlighted broader industry challenges, telling Benzinga, Data silos and a lack of resources leave most financial services providers struggling to provide the personalized experience consumers expect. By leveraging enhanced transaction data to surface insights, Customer Analytics enables financial providers to uncover opportunities and deliver more personalized offers that drive growth.

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Photo: Shutterstock