March 5, 2024

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Benzinga has announced the launch of a new and unique dataset offering that allows its users to access summaries of analyst reports with bullish and bearish views on individual stocks.

The new offering, Bulls Say/Bears Say is available to subscribers on the Initial Data Offering (IDO) platform and is designed to streamline decision-making for investors and financial professionals by collating the views of multiple analysts on particular stocks.

Benzingas dataset stands out in its ability to distil the positive and negative arguments of several analysts into single, short summaries, offering a balanced view of potential stock investments, while saving the user time. See example below:

Thomas Cotter, head of Benzingas Data Products, commented on the collaboration with Initial Data Offering (IDO), saying, Were excited to extend our partnership with Initial Data Offering, empowering users to gain deeper insights into analyst ratings through succinct summaries of their comprehensive analyst reports.

Benzinga is making it easier for its users to grasp the critical viewpoints influencing stock movements.

Bulls Say/Bears Say is part of the select and distinctive datasets featured on IDO, which stated that it is committed to building a robust community of data buyers, sellers, and enthusiasts, focusing on bringing the most interesting and impactful datasets to businesses, researchers, and organizations worldwide.

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