July 17, 2024
Jio Brain Announced as a 5G Integrated ML Platform for Enterprise Clients
Jio Brain has been introduced by the company as an artificial intelligence (AI) and (ML) platform for enterprise users. The platform can help its clients with various operation tasks via automation and AI/ML services. It comes with more than 500 REST APIs and data APIs that clients can customize for their needs and pick from a large selection of services.

Jio Brain has been announced by Jio Platforms as an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) platform for enterprises. The 5G-integrated service will enable telecom networks, enterprise networks, and industry-specific IT environments to implement ML tools in regular operations. One of the big highlights of Jio Brain is an enterprise and mobile-ready large-language model (LLM) as a Service feature that will allow its clients to leverage generative AI features. The cloud-native platform has more than 500 REST APIs and data APIs to allow companies to create customized ML services as per their need.

The announcement was made by Aayush Bhatnagar, Senior Vice President, Jio, on LinkedIn, who stated that Jio Brain was created after a research period of two years that involved hundreds of engineers. A document attached to the announcement highlighted the platform as the “Industry’s first 5G-integrated ML platform.”

“Jio Brain will help create new 5G services, transform enterprises, optimise networks, as well as set the stage for 6G development – where ML is a key capability,” Bhatnagar said.

In essence, the platform is an AI and ML-powered system that offers both automation and likely generative AI features for enterprises to enable them to conduct operations faster and more efficiently. Calling itself “industry agnostic,” the service claims to offer a wide range of features. Some of the notable offerings by Jio Brain include LLM as a Service, advanced AI features for images, videos, text, documents, and speech, a cloud-native solution with a plug-and-play architecture, data integration capabilities, multiple AI/ML embedded mobile and web apps, and more.

Enterprises can use Jio Brain for natural language processing (NLP) and AI generation tasks such as image-to-video generation, text-to-music generation, text-to-image and video generation, speech-to-speech translation, speech-to-text translation, etc. For coding, the platform enables the generation, explanation, optimisation, and debugging of codes. Additionally, it also has core ML capabilities such as ML chaining, hyperparameter tuning, feature engineering, and others. All of these services can be taken together or as separate services.

The company also stated that it is open to collaborating with AI and ML researchers to scale up the platform and add more value to it. Jio did not reveal any launch date for Jio Brain.

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