March 5, 2024

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This week, Current announced a strategic partnership with Column Tax that aims to provide a better tax filing experience.

The development comes as about half of Currents membership base worked multiple jobs last year, compounding the challenges usually experienced with filing.

With Column Tax integrated, Current members can file their taxes for free directly from their phones in about 20 minutes, regardless of the number of jobs they hold. Column Tax backs each tax return, and Current members will enjoy receiving refunds up to five days faster than those using traditional banks.

Current co-founder and CEO Stuart Sopp emphasized the financial strain that tax filing costs can impose on millions of Americans.

"Paying over $100 to file your taxes can drain millions of Americans of much-needed liquidity," Sopp said.

He further highlighted the significance of tax refunds in helping members make ends meet, particularly in the current economic climate marked by record credit card debt and inflation outpacing wages.

Through our partnership, this new connected tax filing via Current will provide millions of Americans quicker access to valuable refund dollars," Column Tax co-founder and CEO Gavin Nachbar said.

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